The Pre-Show Presentation

Before the film, my local cinema show a variety of slides advertising local businesses in what could be a PowerPoint presentation. This is quickly turning into my favourite bit of my cinema trip. Last time I brought a pen & paper to the screening so I would remember the gems featured which included…

  • Standard Bathroom Design
  • Monday Night Quiz
  • Wood Burners
  • MOTs
  • East Anglian Art
  • Holiday Lets
  • Local Lobster
  • Septic Tanks
  • Medical Diagnosis
  • House Coal
  • A Maze
  • Low Cost Self Storage

I wonder where else we see a five minute rotating presentation of such differing topics, none of which were relevant to the film, also how many people are actually looking for mazes, wood burners or septic tanks? I don’t believe such a wide selection of unconnected products have been featured together since the final round of the Generation Game.

It got me thinking, has there been a development in the world of bathroom design that made this company specify they do ‘standard bathroom design’? What non-standard requests have they had? The mind boggles.

Often I enjoy this pre-show presentation more than the main feature and feel sorry for the people that come in late and miss it although whether that says more about me or the quality of the films is unclear. Either way, I will continue my cinema visits and be in my seat in good time for the foreseeable future.

One thought on “The Pre-Show Presentation

  1. Before I even got through the list, I had a mental image of you sitting in the cinema wearing a ‘head-light.’ Then it got even better … you had gone prepared, complete with paper and pen šŸ™‚ You cant imagine how happy this made me.


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