Notes From A Small Train

This week I was ‘lucky’ enough to spend twelve hours on trains as work sent me from one obscure part of the country to another. Many things occurred to me on the way…

  • How come almost every seat is reserved by people who are not on the train? Are there vast numbers of people who forget they had tickets? Is it a weird contest ‘my train is more popular than your train’? Have a lot of ghosts got tickets? Yet no matter what seat I choose, somebody will turn up with that reservation about 20 mins after departure and demand to sit there rather than in one of the many other empty seats. This reservation roulette makes the journey very tense.
  • We had an announcement on the train saying that if we see anything suspicious at Derby station we are to call British Transport Police. Why particularly Derby? Surely if we see anything suspicious anywhere, we should call or think ‘its not Derby so it doesn’t matter’?
  • It often isn’t necessary to have a guard on board but there is no chance of travelling without the £5 sandwiches. Also why is tea & coffee being sold if there is no hot water available?
  • Why is it so many people are ok to block the aisle with their suitcases, making everyone wait while they fish several things out of their bags? It is like watching those classic slapstick films to see if they are going to reach a ironing board, live rabbits or step ladder from their bags while we all wait for them to move.
  • Nottingham station has a sign saying ‘Welcome to Nottingham, home to the University of Nottingham’. I wonder what this says about the admissions policy that they need to spell out this out.

Still, its more interesting than sitting at home.

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