E – Fail

I have heard many stories from others about incidents that happened years ago and keep them awake at night… Well here is mine.

There are many things that are bad to say to your boss

  • That you know more than them
  • That they are overpaid
  • That they remind you of somebody awful
  • That you think they smell/dress badly

It is much worse when you tell them by accident…

So how about saying you think their finance is too good for them and the marriage will never last?

How about putting this in writing on the day the engagement was announced? What about texting it to them by mistake? How about them standing in front of you at the exact moment the text message received and read aloud?

Its no wonder I didn’t last there…

PS: as it happens that engagement was broken off within a couple of months, although I doubt this was anything to do with my ill-advised message.

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