Where Am I?

               Recently I spent a long weekend in Bristol for my niece’s third birthday. It was the first time I left my town this year and it was wonderful to do things I had forgotten about. Meeting family, going out for lunch, to the cinema and even on a bus! After coming back from my weekend away, I took my covid test and it was negative. This came as such as surprise, I took another one to be sure. The test also proved to me that I can start to do things again.

               Using my new-found courage, I went into the city centre of Manchester on the train. I hadn’t been on a train for ages and it was all very exciting. One thing that hadn’t changed is my inability to show my ticket to the inspector within a reasonable time. I can never remember what pocket I put the ticket in and it takes me several attempts to find the right one. I was particularly annoyed with the fact this was the only train I had been on in over a year and yet the first three tickets I produced were all for previous journeys. I must sort my bag out.

Now, where is my ticket?

               While wandering through the city I stumbled across the Blue Peter garden. It came as a surprise to me that the garden has been moved out of London and (if I am honest) I had assumed Blue Peter had finished years ago. Intrigued to revisit my past, I poked my head into the garden to discover it is about the size of my tiny childhood bedroom. It was also overgrown, muddy and mainly filled by a shed and a whole lot of fairy lights. On this evidence, I could have been correct about Blue Peter finishing years ago…

               One thing that has genuinely baffled me during the pandemic is the requirement for shops to put in the window how many people can go in at a time. What do we do with this information? Are we supposed to stand outside and count people through the window to see if we are allowed to enter? That is fine with a small corner shop but in the city, there is a large department store which (a sign said) took 252 people. How do I count them all? Do I bring a calculator with me? Perhaps the idea is that an employee counts the shoppers in and out. If that is the case, what is the need for the sign telling everyone? It is all very confusing.

It looked better on TV…

               While waiting for my train home, I noticed on a screen that the government had (in the last hour) put out a travel advisory telling people not to go into Manchester for non-essential reasons as yet again covid cases are rising in the city. After a lot of soul searching, I decided that reminiscing about children’s TV and counting the shoppers in John Lewis doesn’t count as essential so my adventures will be paused for a while.

               Doesn’t mean I will get round to sorting my bag out though…

3 thoughts on “Where Am I?

    1. We indeed! Yes it is I … I’ve just managed to get back into the app to find everything has changed. Don’t you just hate it when that happens?
      Recently I have only read your posts in my email.


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