Ring Ring

I do not like change. There is nothing unusual there. Many people do not like change. It leads to uncertainty and confusion.

This is why I have stuck with my phone for so long. My mobile phone is so old it could be displayed in a museum. It doesn’t have the internet on so I can’t use it to video call, look anything up or put photos on the internet. It won’t help me when I get lost, won’t tell me when the next train is, let alone allow me to pay for things with it.

Because of all this, I rarely remember to take it anywhere and it often runs out of battery. Because it beeps when the battery is low, I have turned off the volume so on the extremely rare occasion somebody does call, I miss them. I tell myself it is for emergencies but since I never think to take it with me, that isn’t really true.

The other day I saw some kids who made a phone out of two cups and a length of string and it seemed to be more functional than the device I have.

I am quite happy with my old phone. I bought it in 2011 (it is much too old for this new track & trace software let alone Skype or Instagram) and at the time I asked for the one that is the easiest to use. It has huge buttons and the only function I can comfortably operate is the alarm clock. Every 25th December, I get a text message from somebody I have not seen in years wishing me seasons greetings. This was the last text message I received, and I had to find the instructions to remember how to send a reply (once I noticed days later that I had a message).

My laptop is fine for communication and I don’t really see the point in multiple devices. Perhaps I should replace the old phone but I am not convinced I would use it any more. While writing this I looked up the cost of a new phone, they start from £30 (much cheaper than I imagined). I could afford that… But why would I want to?

Yes, it would be much more convenient and keep me safer plus I am sure I would get used to it soon enough but ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ and in my opinion it just ain’t broke.

2 thoughts on “Ring Ring

  1. I managed without a mobile that did anything but make and take calls for years. The first was the size of a small house brick and it was justified because it would only be for emergencies. Very useful with small people. They reduced in size and finally I found one I could fit in a small pocket and it lasted for years. Finally about 7 years ago one of the offspring gave me the phone they were replacing. Now I do anything I need to on my mobile. Strangely though I still need a PC and a Laptop and then there is my E Book Reader. Oh well it’s progress they tell me.


  2. Your phone sounds like my lovely old phone which a friend made me change to an ‘easy’ phone of hers at Christmas. I wish I hadn’t changed it. My old Nokia was fine being dropped on the floor, handled by small children and once went down the lavatory but survived! Friend’s new phone broke and daughter got me the simplest one she could find…I am still trying to work out how to use it.

    Love the piece Martin – captured beautifully as always and funny! S


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