Test at the till

               When did paying for things in a high street shop become so complicated? I am sure that it used to be the case, the cashier told the customer how much they owed, the customer paid and then the transaction was over. This is no longer the case.

Take Subway as an example. The questions keep on coming until my brain melts. I have no idea what bread, what sauces or what salad I want with my sandwich and without testing them all I will never know. Then when I ask for a recommendation, the so-called ‘sandwich artist’ has no idea.

This week I popped into the chemist on the high street. The reason for this was mainly because it had started raining and thought it would be a nice waste of time. I picked up a small box of plasters and took them to the checkout. I had the correct change and was ready to go… Then came the exam.

               ‘Do you need a 5p bag’ – That is an easy one. ‘No its small enough to fit in my pocket’

               ‘Do you have a loyalty card’ ‘No’

               ‘Do you want to take out a loyalty card’ ‘No’ I am starting to remember why I hate high street shopping.

               ‘Would you like to see our special offers?’ The assistant is still holding the plasters hostage in her hand, a queue is starting to build and I am starting to get edgy. ‘No thank-you, just want the plasters’

               ‘Can I give you a copy of our Christmas brochure?’ No, Why do they even have a brochure? I should have just kept walking in the rain.

               ‘Would you like to leave your email address so I can send you a copy of the receipt?’ AAHHH why is this so hard?

I make a mental note never to go to Superdrug again. I swear University Challenge in another language with the sound off would be easier than this.

Next time I will just use Amazon.

One thought on “Test at the till

  1. It can be a real chore. Searching through the loyalty cards and the embarrassment of hand over the wrong card because they are the same colour.

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