January Blues

               Let’s be honest, January is rubbish. Even though the shortest day was weeks ago, it is still so dark, the main light can only be switched off for about 40 mins a day.

To help with this, I bought one of those SAD lamps. It is supposed to help with alertness and positivity (much like the music of ABBA) however like most modern electronics it has no plug and is powered by a USB port. This means that if I don’t use the laptop for more than five minutes, the screensaver comes on and the light turns off (unlike the music of ABBA which is seemingly inescapable). This doesn’t help my positivity.

One of the problems with January is that there is nothing to look forward to. February has Chinese New Year, Valentine’s Day and the Oscars. While it is easily possible to ignore these days, they are at least fun. The only two days listed on my calendar for January are Martin Luther King Day and Holocaust Memorial Day, both of which are very important but are definitely lacking in fun.

As if all this isn’t bleak enough, Dry January is becoming more popular. This is where people set themselves a challenge not to drink any alcohol all month and raise money in the process. It seems to me that if there was a month people should drink more, it is January. It is such a long month too. Why don’t people try dry February instead? It is much shorter.

The Christmas aisles of the supermarkets are long gone and seem to be replaced by empty shelves although my interest was peaked by my local co-op which already has its Easter display in prime position (Easter is still three months away). Unfortunately, on further investigation, the only thing on the display were hot cross buns, all marked Happy Easter, with a use by date of tomorrow. Although this didn’t stop me buying some.

Perhaps we should invent something that happens in January that everyone can look forward to. Or maybe not, it is bound to involve yet more ABBA.

Roll on February.

One thought on “January Blues

  1. I’m with you on January. And I usually give Dry January a miss. But this year I decided to do it because I was already feeling so irritated and bummed out that I figured not drinking was probably not going to make it any worse!!


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