Celebrity Guests

               At the posh hotel we are frequently graced by celebrity. Some of the celebrities we have actually heard of, others we need to look up on the internet but either way, this group of guests present a unique set of challenges…

The Comedian

               The comedian was very keen that everyone should know he was here. The room was booked under his stage name (just so we all knew), his driver came into Reception, waited until it was busy and then announced to everyone the comedian was arriving.

               The comedian went through his clearly pre-prepared set of hotel lobby material for the gathered crowd, posed for photos which included one of him lying on the floor and then wandered into the kitchen to perform more pre-prepared material for the chefs.

               At least we knew who the comedian was.

The Footballer

               The footballer had booked to stay for two nights, Thursday and Friday. His house was being refurbished so wanted a couple of nights away from the builders. He had booked under a false name (although we had a tip off he was staying) but didn’t arrive on the Thursday. As is normal for guests who ‘no show’, we phoned to see if he wanted the room for the second night, which he said he did.

               The footballer dropped his stuff off on Friday afternoon – it was a lot of stuff, in fact it took three staff members to help carry it all. Then he went out a few hours later. He didn’t come back until Tuesday.

               The footballer didn’t tell us that he wanted the room for Saturday, Sunday & Monday evenings. He didn’t answer his phone or reply to his emails. He just left his mountain of stuff in the hotel (including a phone and a laptop) and vanished. The only reason we knew he was ok is that we saw him playing a match on Sky Sports.

               The footballer’s assistant came to collect his stuff on Tuesday morning and paid the bill in cash, including a £10 tip to be split among ‘all the staff’. How lovely.

The Radio Star

               The radio star came with her baby daughter. She was working nearby. The radio star shouted at a waiter for serving her prawns as she is vegetarian. This is something most people would have mentioned to the waiter at the time of ordering but not the radio star.

               The radio star carried a large handbag with her all the time. This meant she couldn’t move her daughter’s pram so we spent a lot of time pushing the little girl round the hotel. The radio star managed to leave the contents of the large handbag everywhere. A child handed in her security pass to the radio station into lost property.

               The radio star also managed to loose her car keys in the car park. When they hadn’t been found a couple of hours later, she simply bought another car. The car she arrived with, remains in car park.

The Influencer

               We don’t often get more than a couple of emails from a guest before they arrive but the influencer sent 27. She wanted to make very sure we knew she was coming. She wanted special dinners that were not on the menu, she wanted new carpet in her room and wanted the swimming pool closed all day for her exclusive use.

               The influencer didn’t tell us she was bringing six friends. She also didn’t tell us she didn’t want to pay. Apparently, the ‘exposure’ we would get on her ‘channel’ would mean we would be sold out for months. Trouble is, nobody had any idea who she was.

               The influencer live streamed her arrival so the whole world could watch her arrive. She didn’t live stream the manager telling her to leave.

The Rock Band

               The rock band stayed one night to break up a long journey on their tour. This was a big deal, there was a full staff meeting to brief us on how they must be treated. No autographs, no photos. We were not to speak to them under any circumstance unless they spoke to us first and anyone found to be giving out their room numbers would be fired immediately. Security were hired to stand outside in case fans tried to mob them, they needed their own entrance (a fire door round the back) and their own dedicated duty manager to take care of their every whim.

               The rock band got their tour manager to phone three times to make sure everything was ok before their arrival. We had to send photographs to prove the car park was clear of people. Then the bus pulled up under the cover of darkness.

               The rock band rushed out with coats over their heads and hurried up the stairs. We then didn’t hear a thing from them. They departed the next day without telling anyone, we simply got a phone call to say they had left. The strange thing about this rock band is that they are not that famous anymore. In fact, many of us didn’t know they were still going. The internet informed us that most of the original members had left since their glory days (they had just one chart topping hit and that was over twenty years ago). I wonder how long it will be before in dawns on the rock band that the days of groupies trying to get into their hotel rooms and paparazzi intrusion are long gone…

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