It Was An Accident

One thing I have carried on with since the lockdown last year is a daily walk, usually to nowhere exciting, just around local housing estates but getting outside does me the world of good. It was on my regular walk that I saw a banner advertising a recruitment fair which was happening the following day. I had finished my previous job the day before and fancied taking some time out to work on my diploma but thought a recruitment fair sounded like a fun activity to fill an hour.

               I trotted along the following day to the venue (a posh spa hotel on the edge of town) expecting to find stands from large companies, the police force and the council all giving away bags of free pens, sweets and maybe a notebook. I had cleared space in my satchel to carry my expected bounty home thinking I would spend about 20 mins there and then have a look at the Christmas display at the garden centre next door.

               The posh hotel was eerily quiet, a lady opened the door for me and the only other person I saw was a receptionist who was muttering to himself. It took me ages to find the fair, I failed to spot any signs and then got lost down a long corridor of expensive looking bedrooms. I tried to find the door I came in through with the aim of asking the lady stationed there but no use, the hotel was huge, and I was lost.

Immaculately clean but completely deserted

I decided to knock on a door marked ‘private’ hoping it was an office containing somebody who could help. I knocked a couple of times but there was no answer. Then a very tall man appeared behind me, dressed in overalls and asked, “why are you trying to get into the boiler room”?

               The upside of this was that he escorted me to the fair which was (annoyingly) located in a large meeting room next to the main entrance by the lady at the door and the muttering receptionist. If I am honest, I would have left at this point and gone straight to the garden centre instead but since the tall man in the overalls was still watching me, I took a deep breath and opened the door ready to collect some mugs and a mouse mat with the logo of a bank or petrochemical corporation emblazoned across.

                The scene on the other side of the door was confusing. There were none of the expected large banners, no display boards, very few obvious leaflets to read through and about eight tables each with a lone person sat behind. They all looked up at me and I realised I was the only person in the room not sat behind a table. A man on the far side of the room waved me over and I was immediately thrust into a role play situation.

               “Tell me about yourself”

               “What do you think customer service means”

               “Can you give me an example of a time you made a difference”

At least they didn’t ask what animal I would be…

               It was about now, I realised I was in a job interview. I didn’t know who this man was, what company he worked for or even what the job role was that he was interviewing me for. I obviously wasn’t dressed for a job interview and didn’t even have a CV with me.

               The day after I got a phone call offering me a job working at the posh hotel. I hadn’t fully realised I had applied for it, yet out of politeness I accepted the offer.

               I only wanted a mouse mat.

4 thoughts on “It Was An Accident

  1. It was just mant to be. I don’t know why I didn’t get these in my email. It seems my spam folder has eaten them again.


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