Christmas Day, 1996

In the morning: Good Christmas presents. I got a new globe, slippers, headphones, tape stand, CD Rom program, chocolate, organiser and other things.

In the afternoon: Dinner, it was very nice. Dad has a new keyboard. Went on the new CD Rom, put up the tape stand.

In the evening: Watched Xmas TV. Recorded 2 videos. I am owed a summer holiday tape that is coming later on.

Dates: 11 days until school.

Tomorrow: Relatives.

Weather: Cold and sunny, temp: 3

Summary: Really good day today, enjoyed xmas.

Replaced by the CD ROM

I have always had maps around. The world and where places are still fascinate me. I constantly look up locations mentioned on the news out of curiosity and I would say geography is a specialist subject for me. The globe was a light up one but it didn’t work well, it was very stiff to move and the bulb broke. Despite this, I kept the globe on my shelf next to a red ceramic horse (origins forgotten) where they both gathered dust for years.

               Although I am now a confirmed technophobe, this has not always been the case. I was very early in getting a Kindle, which at that point had to be ordered from USA and didn’t include a UK plug adaptor. I also was very excited by the world of the CD-Rom. This very short lived item of technology was essentially a reference book put onto a computer disk which I spent hours scrolling through. I had an encyclopedia disk and an atlas disk and this present was almost certainly an updated version. Within a few years everyone was online and the poor CDROM was consigned (along with tape stands) to museums of forgotten 90s technology.

               The Summer Holiday reference is not about a lovely week in Cornwall, actually the soundtrack to the movie classic. I had a cassette of the Cliff Richard version but since I didn’t really like Cliff’s voice I used to skip forward to the bits that didn’t feature him (there weren’t many). Foot Tapper by the Shadows was a favourite number. Darren Day then released a version and it was this that I was waiting for. Listening back to it now, it strikes me that Darren Day sounds very similar to Cliff Richard, I am not sure I realised that at the time.

Where is that pencil?

I am also amused by ‘Tomorrow: relatives.’ It is the full stop that entertains me, no further description was put forward. Looking over the entry for the following day, I had gone to visit my cousins. ‘It was good. I got a new tape, Now 35. I now have Now 30, Now 31, Now 32, Now 33, Now 34 and Now 35’. At this point, I was still recording music from the radio so having the actual recordings would have been a treat. I used to rewind and fast forward the tapes so much that I would have a dedicated pencil by the cassette player for when the tape became loose.

               The 90s really were a different time.

3 thoughts on “Christmas Day, 1996

  1. CD Rom’s were awesome I used them at the start of my degree courses with the Open University. However, by the time I reached the end of my studies downloading content and web pages were taking their place.


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