Best Foot Forward

I spend a lot of time listening to radio phone-in programs and these last few weeks have been a treat for lovers of unusual discussion points. I made a note of some of my favourite topics.

  • ‘Has your electric car ever run out of power on the M4?’ (Oddly specific question, what about people who lost power on the M6?)
  • ‘Would you stay friends with somebody who orders Filet o Fish at McDonalds?’ (general consensus was no)
  • ‘Does the wind play havoc with your toupee or miniskirt?’ (a rare chance for sufferers of toupee related trauma)
  • ‘Do you know what the word bonk means?’ (perhaps their work computers wouldn’t let them Google it)

Of course, there has also been plenty on the coronavirus. People are worried about their Christmas plans ‘there are eight in my family, who would have to pay the fine if we had dinner together? Could we share it’? Quite why people are already making Christmas plans in early October is a bit of a mystery to me.

It was a caller to one of these programs that made me think. ‘My husband is a surgeon and if he can wear a mask for eight hours in the operating theatre, you can wear one for twenty minutes’. I have got a mask in my bag but since I have a medical exemption, I have never actually used it.

Following an encounter with a shop worker who was horrified at my bare face and rising case numbers, I decided that rather than mess about with face coverings, if would be better not to go into shops at all and get everything online instead. This was fine until I became aware on my daily walk, that my right foot was getting very cold.

In retrospect, I had become aware that something weird was happening days ago but never thought to look. In fact, the entire sole of my right shoe had fallen off making me walk with a weird sway. This could have happened anywhere and the dry ground over the last week meant I never noticed.

So, how do I get shoes online? Isn’t this something I really should get from a shop so I can try them on? The admin of sending back shoes that don’t fit means I just wouldn’t bother and instead order more. I could end up with a whole pile of ill-fitting shoes. I thought again about the caller to the radio program, ‘My husband is a surgeon and if he can wear a mask for eight hours in the operating theatre, you can wear one for twenty minutes’.

I took a few deep breaths outside Sainsbury’s and gave it a try. I have resisted mask wearing because it is a change and change is scary but, of course, it was fine. A case of the idea being worse than the reality.

Fast forward a few days and I have completed a total reversal in my thought process. Mask wearing means I better blend into the crowd without fear of challenge, I am much more protected from the cold wind and no longer need to walk with broken shoes. However, my thoughts on the great Filet o Fish debate remain unresolved.


2 thoughts on “Best Foot Forward

  1. I am glad that it turned out to be a positive experience after all for you. I always buy my shoes online, I found if you check the reviews you get a pretty good idea if a pair of shoes is like to be correctly sized or if they tend to be smaller or larger.

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