Recommended For Who?

This week I ordered a book from Amazon as a birthday gift. Yes, absolutely, I could have walked into town and used our local independent book shop, like a good citizen supporting the struggling high street businesses but it was lightly raining and I am lazy.

Upon checkout, I had the option of choosing three day delivery (an extra £4.99) or five day delivery (only £2.49). As the birthday isn’t until early September, I chose the later option. It was delivered the next day, which is great customer service but makes me wonder what the point of the two delivery options is when it arrives the next day regardless.

I immediately got an email asking me how the delivery was and on the bottom, saw the following magazines were recommended for me:

Apart from the combination offered, the next thing that struck me is how expensive the Kindle version of the Radio Times is, no wonder it is struggling in the star ratings. According to user reviews, it doesn’t arrive until halfway through the week when many of the programs have already been on.

This sent me down an online wormhole of discovering what else is recommended for me.

Apparently, the algorithms have decided I am interested in:

  • Wooden flooring installation
  • Campari
  • Children’s shoes
  • Retirement homes
  • Inflatable palm trees

I have not taken this list as a compliment. I mean, Campari?

I am 38, not quite ready for a retirement community.

How many people are looking for both children’s shoes and retirement homes. Also, I wonder how the inflatable palm tree market is doing during these ‘unprecedented times’…

All this makes me want a Campari.


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