Room To Let

               There are a lot of advantages in renting somebody’s spare room. Having a landlord onsite means the house is likely to be in a good condition, without the normal rental property nightmares like mould on the walls, broken appliances or mice. Plus, it is in their interests to quickly fix things that go wrong.  I have had some great landlords, people who have grown-up children leaving home and so are well used to people coming in and out are particularly brilliant.

               On the other hand, I remember a landlady who made up a burglary and called the police to report the theft of her non-existent jewellery. They arrested her within a few minutes as it was clear she was wasting police time. Another time, a previous tenant took keys when they left so the landlord changed the locks, forgot to leave me a copy and went on holiday.

Carton boxes and suitcases placed on bed in empty light room
You never know what you will find…

               The websites looking for tenants reveal a lot about the landlords. The first group are the ones who have had bad experiences previously:

  • No smokers, or Binge drinkers please. Also needs to be happy around Germans.
  • Prefer males as I usually relax around the flat in just my boxers and won’t change that for anyone.
  • It will not be possible to have post delivered to this address.

There are the ones who really don’t have space but need the extra money:

  • Necessary to purchase the current double bed in the room, it won’t be expensive and there’s lots of storage space underneath it.
  • Your room would be the large sitting room which will be shared from time to time. Bed put in storage during daytime hours.
  • Room available Monday to Friday only. Minimum let three-months.

Then there are the rooms that for some reason have been available for a long time now:

  • In addition, you will be expected to mow the lawn and need to know that my Guinea Pigs always come first.
  • Female preferred to help the men keep the place clean
  • Must tolerate the smell of takeaways
  • Mad spurs fan lives here. Girls and gays are fine but not gooners.

I would recommend looking at these websites, they are a brilliant way to spend an afternoon.

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