Neighbourhood Spy

There has been a lot of discussion about what is (and isn’t) allowed during this time…

  • What is a ‘reasonable distance’?
  • What is a ‘basic need’?
  • What is a ‘necessity’?

A group of people have emerged who are happy to ‘bend’ the rules, justifying their actions to themselves often based around the grey areas. Then there are the opposite, the curtain twitchers, the people who rush off and inform the police if their neighbour goes out for a second time in a day despite having no idea why. I hope that I (and most people) don’t fall into either of these groups. We follow the rules as best as we can, protect ourselves and our families and let everyone else sort themselves out.

Today I was on my brisk daily walk through the park as I have done most days since lockdown begun. It does me good to get out of the house and feel some sunshine. I walk alone, keep my distance from others, avoid touching surfaces and wash my hands when I return.

The park is the only green space around and there were kids riding bikes, joggers, people on benches and all the other things you would expect. Today I decided to take some photos on my journey of the swans in the pond and the flowers, perhaps my doing that is questionable under the guidelines but anyway…

I took a photo of the beautiful flower bed in the centre of the park as I didn’t recognise it and want to look it up later. As I did it a young couple who had been sunbathing on the other side of the flowers (and far away from anyone else) immediately jumped up and started doing star jumps.

I wonder how many other times they had had to jump up already this afternoon? I maybe could have shouted that I wasn’t some kind of neighbourhood spy about to sell photos to the local press but decided to leave them to it, after all it is Easter.

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