Are you open?

The phones have been ringing all day with this question… Another very frequently asked question is ‘do you think I should cancel my reservation’…

This is a tricky one, firstly it isn’t up to me or my colleagues, adults need to make adult decisions about their holiday plans. Part of my head thinks ‘we don’t need your germs here thanks’ while the other half thinks ‘well, we need some customers to still get paid’.

The bar and the pool have already closed following government advice but looking round the town today, it was like a carnival was happening. The queue outside the chip shop resembled that of a new Harry Potter release.

Here is a list of things I have heard people say in the last few days

  • What is the difference between isolating here or at home?
  • If I stay at home, I will let the virus win
  • Well, there are worse places die than here
  • My kids will have to go to school as I am the only person in the shop who can prepare dressed crab

This morning I saw a man leave a used tissue on the reception desk, this afternoon a family of five (parents, two kids and grandma) checked in for a month ‘they can do their school work anywhere now it is online’.

The government said ‘don’t go to the pubs’, people went to the pub, they closed the pubs.

The government said ‘don’t go to the parks’, people went to parks, they closed the parks.

Let’s see what happens next… I do like having my evenings off but I am self-employed and I also like getting paid…

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