My Corona Diary

There is a lot to say about corona & me a week into this crisis. Last week I wasn’t too bothered ‘just a bit of a cough’ and spent more time wondering how long it would take Marilyn Monroe would take to wash her hands if she had to sing happy birthday twice. Things seem to have changed…

Firstly I work at a holiday resort, my job involves getting people into social situations and working in pubs. Not only that, I also live at the resort. If the resort is closed (either by management or the government) I would not only be unemployed but homeless too.

Next the slightly tricky situation of where I heard this news. I had been dragged by my employer across the country on four trains and the London underground for what could be argued to be ‘unnecessary travel’ for a ‘social situation’ held in a bar. To be honest, the work really could have done this online. I feel I have broken almost every government advisory notice in one go. I just need an avoidable visit to a nursing home and I would have completed the set.

The journey itself was fine, the trains were quiet and although there is still no hand sanitiser anywhere, I didn’t hear anyone coughing. It seems there is a much wider variety of face masks than I was previously aware of. I always thought they were fairly standard but it seems the come in a variety of colours and sizes. One man had written ‘Trump sucks’ on his in marker pen.

I read somewhere that Shakespeare wrote King Lear while being isolated to avoid the plague, I guess that is something to aim for…

One thought on “My Corona Diary

  1. That sounds awful it can’t have really been necessary to drag you all the way to London and back when it could have been done very easily over Zoom or Skype. Hopefully they will need some staff on the premises to keep the place secure. Stay well.


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