Icelandic Rollercoaster

This week, I decided to treat myself to a little ‘something for the weekend’. It has been a long, cold week and I felt like I deserved a bottle from my local high street frozen food emporium

Then something happened to me which has not happened in over a decade. The checkout operator needed the supervisor’s approval to sell it to me. I was overcome with emotion. Firstly, I am nearly 40, yet this man thinks I might be 18. The sea air must be working, how brilliant. Then panic, do I have any ID with me? I start tearing through my bag in anticipation while the queue builds up and we all await the arrival of the supervisor.

A lady arrives dressed in a Christmas tree jumper and reindeer antlers. However it seemed her mood did not match.

‘Hello, you look ready for Christmas’ I say. To which she replies ‘yeah, he’ll do’ and walks off again.

Despite the fact, I clearly didn’t have any ID, I was a little crushed. She could have played along a little better. To add insult to injury, the man behind the till proceeded to take his glasses off, rub them on his jumper and look at me again.

I quickly paid up and decided to go to the Co-Op next time.

One thought on “Icelandic Rollercoaster

  1. Oh those heady days of being able to prove you were finally old enough to consume the demon brew. And the shock one day that you are so old no one cares any more.

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