The Newly Weds

As I work with people, I meet a wide variety of customers.

Some are happy, some are not

There was the man who told me ‘I don’t like comedy so I would appreciate it if you don’t tell any jokes’

Then the two women who asked me to help them discover if they had met before in a previous life.

This week however we had a pair of newly weds, a couple in their late 30s who were spending their honeymoon with us. They were not shy about telling people they were just married and enjoyed showing off their photos on a phone.

After a couple of drinks though the revelations flowed…

  • He had previously proposed to her sister
  • She would like him to take a job abroad (she would stay at home)
  • There is still no decision about what the surname will be
  • They would like a child but only if it was quiet
  • Their first date was at a branch of Kwik Fit

All of these things were broadcast in loud voices to other guests who were trying to get on with their dinners… I just carried on with the bingo…

Apparently they had such a good time, they will be coming back later in the year and I can’t wait to see what happens next.

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