Cooking for myself

One thing that has always terrified me is cooking. All the warnings we got at school about food poisoning ended up with me not cooking anything at all. Meat, fish, rice, eggs, anything frozen, things past sell by dates, rice, things that have touched meat, all of it has the potential to be deadly.

So my diet for 20 years was fresh, pre-made food. I have a wide depth of knowledge about supermarket sandwiches (the Christmas ones are especially good). Then things in tins, toast and satsumas (for vitamins) made up my diet.

Then six months ago, I got a cook book. It was aimed at students who had no utensils and explained simple things like how to boil an egg or do a baked potato. The dishes all have a difficulty rating out of five (anything three and over, I have dismissed as too complicated).

Since then I have had almost nightly disasters with things falling on the floor, burnt hands (I have oven gloves but worry about getting them dirty), melted Tupperware, missed ingredients, incorrect quantities and absolutely nothing that looks like the pictures.

Luckily, I am only cooking for me. I have also made the decision that tins & toast aren’t do bad after all…

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