So Here I Am…

I have been writing for a few months now, taking classes and trying to work out what I can and can’t do..

Following a year of major change I decided I wanted to use my brain and learn something new. It could have been…

  • Art
  • Computers
  • First Aid
  • Child Care
  • Dogs
  • Looking into space
  • TV programs with Des O’Conner
  • Ways to chop a pepper

But having a day off on Tuesday and not really wanting an evening thing, it meant writing was the default choice as it was the only class on at a convenient time.

The first class was terrifying, I had to take the anxiety medication twice that morning, anything new is always difficult and a terrible phone call with the ‘Leisure and Pleasure’ department at adult services didn’t help. There were so many questions they wanted me to answer, it felt like a struggle even getting here. Plus Leisure and Pleasure seems to be a department simply because the name rhymes (but has too many syllables to be a pub name).

I never intended to become a ‘writer’, it would be very easy to argue that I am not one anyway.

The first class was about ‘the big why’. Why are we writing? A lot of my classmates wanted to leave stuff for their kids or to make money. I had no idea why (well, it was to pass the time but this is not the answer they were looking for).

Over time, it turned out to be me learning about me… How did it take 35 years for anyone to figure out I was autistic… Does it matter…

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